by Poppy Tears

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Track Name: two bodies laying in a bed
two bodies laying in a bed
separated put your mouth on my neck
eyes roll bby know I’m off meds
can’t wake up better off dead

she know I’m gone, no reply to the text
I write a song then I smoke a cigarette
I could drown in the tears you’ve shed
I’m so down what a perfect way to end

she know that I’m hurting, close every curtain
call me lil worthless, phone no service
home and I’m nervous, sheets that I turn in
take me back to Berlin, my habits are concerning x 2
Track Name: in my head w/ gucci angel
I don’t know when I’m coming home x 2

she felt my heart cry, call that girl my bby
I try and keep it inside I’m going crazy
she wana fuck but I’m too damn sedated
I’ll make up for it girl we can run away quick

she don’t want my drugs, she just wants me love x 2

I saw it in a dream, you said these words to me
you gotta get up out your bed and tell the thoughts to leave
girl I know what’s coming next and its all down to me
I try my best I’m bleeding out then fall down to my knees

when my knees break, arms shake, hit my dose and hydrate
now I’m lying sideways, I hide inside for five days
I kill myself for my sake, a selfish fuck I’m insane
bottom of a black lake, I’ve got em like a pump fake

its all in my head x 2

boy get out your bed
I know you’ve read my texts

but you hide inside instead
I want your hand in-between my legs
I’m with you in life and death
If you knew what it all meant
you took too many boy not again
what will you do when it comes to end
you know its true aint no need to pretend
what you’ve been through all the pain I’ll prevent

and if your blue in your heart I will mend
I’ll catch you when your on your descent
bleeding out and your shoulders are tense
I need you know please don’t leave again
Track Name: into the night
you left me standing alone
I said I been on my own

Where the fuck did I go wrong
you don’t know where I’m from
where I been and what I’ve done
in a draw I keep a gun
I’ll blow my brains out if I want

what I’ve said and what I’ve done
made me feel like I should run
I stay blacking out my lungs
I smoke my head out till its done

I lay back where I begun
I put the sadness on my tongue
then I…
fade away into the night…
Track Name: harming me
oakley backpack like a pharmacy
wrote a fucking script just to stop me harming me
now I can’t fall asleep without amitriptyline
I wana make my bby proud I wana get clean..

I been gone, I been numb
I been blacking out my lungs
fuck you want, see you stunt
shake my head its all a front

would you dance with me one time
kisses in the nighttime
heavy under my eyes
baby be my lifeline

look up at the stars cause they shine on you
I wait in the dark in my bedroom
I got my heart torn apart what the fuck was I to do
say I’m gona make it then I always fall through

I’m an empty backyard, no I’m never put to use
my visions all blurred from the substance abuse
Track Name: fifteen
do you remember how it felt
when we were just fifteen years old
and isn’t it funny how it came about
that I would be here in your arms

cause way back then I never made a sound
and now my songs unlock your heart

cause I was so broken
I’m alone and I’m hopeless
I hope one day I wake up
with no weight on my shoulders

I can’t find where my dose is
once I find it I hold it
I know it won’t really help
but for now I’m just coping

do you remember the summer days
stayed outside in the night it rained
and now you wana take care of my pain
heal my aches and relieve my strains

now you wana take care of pain
heal my aches and relieve my strains

do you remember the summer days
stayed outside in the night it rained
and now you wana take care of my pain
heal my aches and relieve my strains